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Monthly events showcasing projects and technologies using artificial intelligence in the creative industries to an audience of data scientists, artists and creative industries professionals. Recently we hosted speakers from DeepMind, Imperial, Goldsmiths and Bell Labs and saw the group grow to 1000+ members in less than 1 year.

Recent curatorial projects included curating the Machine Dreams exhibition at the CogX 2018 conference. Previously, I curated the Machine Fictions exhibition for the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence Annual Conference 2017 and community AI art demos for Google I/O extended event in May 2017.

Play the Turing Test is a performance aiming to question the different interpretations of what it means to be human and what it means to be an AI. The performance consists of 2 short scripts acted out by 4 groups in front of an audience. Each group is given one of two scripts: one generated by a computer and the other written by a human. Each group is then asked to act out the script in one of two ways – either as human actors or as AIs. The audience then tries to guess which group had which combination i.e. who was acting out the AI generated text as human actors and who was acting the same script as AIs (and the other way around!). The aim of the performance is to explore how gesture, intonation, acting and intent influence our perception of what is an AI and what is a human. This was performed at Retune Creative Technology Festival, Algomech Festival and The Photographers’ Gallery.

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