Presentations, panel participations, art performances related to creative AI

EuroPython: AI in Contemporary Art

Invited keynote to 800+ attendees at EuroPython 2019 in Basel, the largest python conference in Europe.

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re:publica: Automating Creativity – How Artificial Intelligence changes Creative Processes

Panel presentation and discussion at re:publica, an annual conference in Berlin on digital society, together with Christoph Pleitgen (SVP Sales & Business Development at Wochit), Stefan Pfeiffer (Marketing für CIOs at IBM), Samim Winiger (Narrative Engineer) and Stefanie Enge (Die Techjournalistin).

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Select conference and event talks:

AI, Art & Activism, The Culture Capital Exchange, January 2022
AI as the Art of Memory, WHEN MACHINES DREAM THE FUTURE, November 2021
Frame AI Art, AI Artathon, Saudi Arabia, October 2021
AI in Contemporary Art Practice, SAAI Factory, August 2021
Computer Vision Art Gallery Overview, EC3V CVPR Workshop, June 2021
State of the AI Art, Art AI Festival, June 2021
AI Art Gallery Overview, NeurIPS Creativity Workshop, online, December 2020
AI in Contemporary Art, AI Monday Leipzig, online, June 2020
AI in Contemporary Art, AI Artathon, Saudi Arabia, January 2020
AI in Contemporary Art, OctopusCon, Kharkiv, November 2019
AI in Contemporary Art, MTL Connect, Montreal, May 2019
Creative AI and the Technology Community, ZKM, Karlsruhe, May 2019
AI in recent art practice, GROW, Paris, November 2018
AI in recent art practice, Post Binary, Frankfurt, November 2018
Design in the Age of AI, Collaborate Bristol, June 2018
Artistic Applications of Artificial Intelligence, PyData, London, May 2018
Seeing AI through Art (starting at 2:40:40), CFI annual conference, Cambridge, July 2017
AI Impact on News, Media & Entertainment Panel, CogX, June 2017
Creative AI startups (starting at 1:15:30), Stockholm.AI, Stockholm, May 2017
Creative Applications of Machine Learning (starting at 29:40), London Tensorflow Meetup, London, April 2017
How AI can help you be more creative, Future London Academy, London, March 2017
Can machines ever be truly creative? Panel organised by The Royal Society as part of Northern Ireland Science Festival, Belfast, February 2017
Overview of Creative AI projects, Zalando Technology Group, Berlin, February 2017
Mentor for Music Applications and Building your Professional Brand roundtables, Women in Machine Learning Workshop, Barcelona, December 2016
Play The Turing Test performance at Robot Vision Geekender, The Photographers’ Gallery, London November 2016
Play The Turing Test performance at Algomech Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, Sheffield, November 2016
Should AI be Human? Panel at The Book Club, London, October 2016
London Creative AI scene presentation, Play the Turing Test performance and Singularity panel at Retune Creative Technology Festival, Berlin, October 2016

Clients include Berliner Ensemble, Dentsu, Goethe Institut, Komische Oper Berlin, Samsung, Zalando