Thoughts, research and reviews covering AI, art and the creative industries.

The Creative AI Newsletter

Since 2017, I have been writing a detailed overview of the latest advancements in Creative AI, reaching 2,500+ subscribers and mentioning new projects, research, resources and opportunities.

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Creative AI Lab

This database was commissioned by The Serpentine Galleries and consists of a list of 60+ machine learning tools for artists, engineers, curators & researchers interested in incorporating machine learning into their practice.

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VentureBeat: How to take AI far beyond gaming

Together with Peter Zhegin (Flint Capital), I researched 94 companies operating in creative AI and presented trends in a guest article for VentureBeat.

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AI: A Museum Planning Toolkit

The Museums + AI Network asked me to compile a glossary of AI-related terms together with example applications in the museum sector for their inaugural planning toolkit.

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Towards A Comprehensive Critique Of Technological Art: The New Curator 

This essay was commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum for its publication Parsing Digital, which features new conversations on digital art with contributions by practitioners and curators including Addie Wagenknecht, Alex McLean & Ellen Harlizius-Klück, Martin Zeilinger, Sally Golding, Manuela Naveau (Ars Electronica) and Irini Papadimitriou (V&A).

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Further examples:

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Artificial Abstraction and the Poetics of Machine Learning: The Role of AI in the Art of Anna Ridler and Roman LipskiFlash Art, March 2020
AI: A Museum Planning Toolkit, The Museums + AI Network, January 2020
Art, Intelligence and Creativity, RUSI Journal, November 2019
The New Wave of AI Art: Reflections on Artistic and Machine Creativity, INSAM Journal, July 2019
 AI through the Technologist’s Eye, Flash Art, December 2017
The art side of AI at transmediale + CTMMedium, April 2017
transmediale 2017: ever expanding digital art festival in an ever elusive world, FAD, Feb 2017
CTM Festival 2017: The music festival gets emotional under the theme FEAR ANGER LOVE, FAD, Feb 2017
NIPS 2016: Cake, Rocket AI, GANs and the Style Transfer Debate, Medium, December 2016
Creative machines, humans and cyborgs at Retune 2016, FAD, October 2016