I curate and produce a variety of events and exhibitions.

ART-AI Festival Leicester

Since 2018, I have been organising this citywide AI art festival together with Dr Tracy Harwood (De Montfort University) and Chris Tyrer (Phoenix Cinema). The current edition is scheduled to take place between May and October 2021.

More details and festival website.

AI Art Online Gallery

As part of the NeurIPS Workshop, I curate an online AI art gallery featuring 300+ art, design and music works across 4 years. It acts as a reference point for curators and the public looking to learn about AI art practice.

Browse here

Algorithmic Superstructures at Impakt Festival 2018

This 5-day event was themed on AI and post truth, featuring talks, artworks, screenings and workshops in Utrecht, Netherlands. Curated together with Alex Anikina and Yasemin Keskintepe, it took place between 24-28 October 2018.

More details here

NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design

Together with researchers from Google Brain and DeepMind, I set up this creative AI workshop in 2017 at the top AI conference NeurIPS. The academic workshop has a programme of invited talks, contributed posters and panel discussions and has seen a typical attendance of 200-300 researchers every year 2017-2020.

Workshop websites from 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

Real-Time Constraints at arebyte

This was a group exhibition featuring works by artists working within the realms of AI, big data, and interventions in web-based platforms. It took the form of a web-based plug-in, which released artworks as pop-ups during the day. Co-curated with Rebecca Edwards (arebyte).

More details and exhibition essay

Further exhibitions:

The Perfect Error, Unit Gallery, online, April 2023
Trust the Bloom, screensguru, online, October 2022
Reflections in the Water, Feral File, online, October 2021
Computer Vision Art Gallery, online, 2018, 2019, 2021
It’s a machine’s world, WIDS conference, Zurich, April 2019
AI Exhibition, AI Everything, Dubai, April 2019
Learning Nature, The Jam Factory, Oxford, September 2019
Machine Dreams, CogX, London, June 2018
Machine Fictions, CFI Annual Conference, Cambridge, July 2017