‘Machine Dreams’ at CogX 2018

The exhibition explores art in the age of artificial intelligence, from aesthetic experiments to critical reflections and future predictions. It took place at the AI conference CogX 2018 between 11-12 June 2018. The exhibition artists play with the latest AI techniques, testing their creative potential for representing the human form, understanding an artist’s drawing style and developing a new machine aesthetic. They imagine a future where AIs become improvisation partners, cat governors and mystic prophecy machines. Yet they also reflect on AI now and the issues of human labour and the machine-centric interpretation of the world.

The exhibition included works by artists Libby Heaney, Gene Kogan, Mario Klingemann, Sarah Meyohas, Sascha Pohflepp,  Fabrizio Poltronieri, Anna Ridler, Mike Tyka and Pinar Yoldas.

Press coverage includes Forbes.


Libby Heaney – Britbot (2018)


Pinar Yoldas – Kitty AI (2016)

Mike Tyka – Portraits of Imaginary People (2017)