‘It’s a machine’s world’ at WIDS Conference

Our society is powered by machine learning, which suggests our music playlists, recognises our faces in airports and voices at home and helps us with grammar or translation. The arts are no different. With the wave of interest in experimenting with machine learning in every realm, an artistic practice has crystallised that pushes technology to its limits, creates new visions of the world and highlights the consequences of a machine’s world. This exhibition presents the works of eight female artists at the forefront of the AI art domain. Together, these artists present their world visions, interpretations and expressions as shaped by the machine. After all, it is no longer a man’s world. It’s a machine’s world, and these women artists are well-placed to define it.

Artists: Sofia Crespo, Anna Ridler, Joanne Hastie, Helena Sarin, Sey Min, Gretchen Andrew, Coralie Vogelaar, Jana Sam and Alex Mordvintsev.

Exhibition page on WiDS website.


Jana Sam & Alex Mordvintsev